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CO2 Conference

Date: Dec 03 - Dec 06, 2018

CO2 Conference Week


“It’s where the field and office come together to make things happen”

The CO2 and ROZ conference week plans call for starting on Monday morning, Dec 3rd and continuing thru Thursday, Dec 6th at the venue we have been using the last two years, the Horseshoe Facility in south Midland while the new and very modern Midland Center is being constructed downtown.

The planning for Monday calls for our annual EOR Carbon Management Workshop to address the rapid recognition of CCS and CCUS roles in new CO2 capture and injection project planning. We will update the ongoing demonstration projects, expose many future project plans, address the new and ongoing legislative and policy initiatives including the exciting newly amended 45Q tax credit signed into law in Feb of this year. We will have our CO2 week welcoming reception that evening at a venue to be announced shortly. Then, starting at 8:00 am on Tuesday, Dec 4th, we will have our annual full-day seminar; this year we will be examining in detail the new 45Q provisions for CO2 capture/storage, details for qualifying for the tax credit, and explore the many business opportunities that will likely be afforded by that landmark legislation. We need to devote the entire day Tuesday to the Seminar and have the second of our conference week receptions afterward, this one at the Horseshoe Facility and sponsored by a select few of our sponsors.

The Wednesday activities will include both a field trip (tentative destination is the Tall Cotton Project, a greenfield Residual Oil Zone (ROZ) one hour north of Midland and the first of three ½ day sessions we like to call our CO2 flooding & ROZ case history theme sessions.

After the field trip, we will kick off the theme sessions on the afternoon of the 5th with a subject of current and intense interest, how to complete horizontal wells in the upper ROZ. Within the last four years, 175 new San Andres formation horizontal wells have been drilled in the upper part of the ROZ in the Permian Basin. The technologies responsible for this new “play” will be addressed along with the evolving processes needed for stimulation of the lateral wellbores. Operators have learned that large rate and volume stimulations ala shales in many of the ROZ reservoir profiles are not necessary. This subject is not only new and commercial as is, but will likely someday prove to be the advance stage of CO2 EOR and CCUS in these ROZ greenfield regions. We will have our featured reception at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum that evening.

On Thursday, we will continue with the ever-popular CO2 EOR case histories theme sessions with two more ½ day sessions. The sessions will feature several international CO2 EOR case histories and some of the latest advances in U.S. projects in the Permian Basin, Wyoming and Gulf Coast by the many of the leading CO2 flooding companies. In these presentations, the speakers are always encouraged to present their newest field-tested ideas and best practices but are also welcomed to discuss the business aspects of flooding during the talks.

The conference week closes at 5:00 pm on Thursday

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