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We are thrilled to offer the opportunity for local businesses to join the Horseshoe's
approved vendor list for catering, alcohol and event production needs. This will be
a continually growing list as we hope to provide renters as many options for using
local businesses for their event needs.

Completing this application and submitting the $500 deposit and proof of
insurance will keep you on the approved vendor list for 2 years (24 months)
from the date of signing this agreement.

Please complete the contract that fits your business (catering, alcohol or event
production needs) and return it with the required deposits and documentation by
delivering it in person to:
2514 Arena Trail
Midland, TX 79701
Or by mail to:
Midland County Horseshoe

2514 Arena Trail
Midland, TX 79701

Once this signed contract and deposit is received, the Horseshoe Director will sign
the contract to complete it and a final version will be emailed back to you.
If you are an alcohol vendor, please make sure to also download the new
Horseshoe Alcohol Policies which are now in effect.
If you have any questions about joining the approved vendor list, contracts or
venue policies, please contact Midland County Horseshoe Director, Ken Olson at
Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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